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Spro Rock Crawler 55 Crankbait



Designed by Bassmaster professional angler Mike McClelland, the Spro Rock Crawler 55 is a wide wobbling crankbait that is designed to replicate the action of the popular old school Ozarks region crankbaits. Diving to depths of 8 – 12ft, the RKCRAWLER 55 provides anglers with the perfect early spring or late fall lure to reach bass that are pulled off the bank, but actively feeding. The wide wobbling hunting action of the RkCrawler’s deflection ability that bounces off of cover like no other lure to trigger aggressive strikes. The Rock Crawler 55 is designed to be fished through rocks and wood; just hit the rocks and the RkCrawler 55 Crankbait does the rest. Any savvy crankbait angler knows that deflection is the key to triggering reaction strikes from bass and the new RkCrawler 55 takes advantage of a predator’s instincts and curiosity to generate interest from fish that would otherwise be lockjaw.

Offered in the traditional Ozark Lakes colors, the Spro Rock Crawler provides anglers with the perfect crawfish imitation. Grind the Rock Crawler into the mud, over the rocks and mimic molting crayfish that often burrow themselves into the lake’s bottom content.

The Spro Rock Crawler 55 Crankbait measures 2.16″ and weighs 1/2oz coming with super sticky Gamakatsu treble hooks.


Molting Craw, Green Craw, Mud Bug, Phantom Brown, Phantom Green, Red Craw, Spring Craw


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